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aktuell: ich mixe und mastere die aktuelle CD des Berliner Musikers Sebastian Block.

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SoundSupport steht für transparentes und druckvolles Mastering. Seit über 6 Jahren produziert SoundSupport Mastering zufriedene Kunden.

Please always deliver High-Resolution Files. Don’t use MP3, AAC,WMV nor any other compressed formats for Mastering !

your sound files/tracks should have names that include no more than 25 characters and can be labeled as follows:
track number/name of the piece/suffixes such as : .WAV. / BWF (broadcasting wave file) / .AIFF / .AIF /.AIFC. At the beginning and at the end of each track allow 5 seconds of pre / post roll (already in the DAW while arranging the song).

The reason is that transients (peak levels) of the pieces will not be trunctated. This also applies to the end of a track, so reverberation tails of your songs will not be cut off.

Record and mix down all tracks at the highest sample rate and bit depth. For example: 96 khz and 32 bit – floating point.

Even if you´ve recorded / mixed at only 44.1 or 48 khz and 16-bit, you can set the bounce dialog to 96 khz and 32 or 24-bit (depending on your audio software/DAW) and then bounce to that high resolution for mastering.

Please don´t edit the bounced tracks any more. Don´t use any Normalizing plugins/software and don´t perform Fade-Ins/Fade-Outs. I´ll do this for you with high-end analog and digital equipment.

You can send your files on media or upload them to my secure FTP – Server.
Please contact me in order to be provided with a free client‘s account.

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