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aktuell: ich mixe und mastere die aktuelle CD des Berliner Musikers Sebastian Block.

SoundSupport Info

SoundSupport steht für transparentes und druckvolles Mastering. Seit über 6 Jahren produziert SoundSupport Mastering zufriedene Kunden.
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Michael Kunz, Mastering Engineer

I studied classical percussion at the Richard-Strauss Conservatory and Jazz Drums at the Joe Haider Jazzschool in Munich. I took classes at the Professional Percussion Center in New York City and finally worked as a studio – and session drummer with a big variety of artists. Inspired by my experience in studio recording I became more and more interested in the technical side of music production. In 2008 SoundSupport Mastering was founded.

  • Transparent and punchy Mastering
  • Individual treatment for each track
  • Analog and digital tools
  • Attended sessions or upload via FTP
  • Close communication with the client

wide-angle view from studio window
wide-angle view from studio window
After SoundSupport has moved in October 2013, visitors of the Studio can enjoy
a truly stunning view at the Hamburg Michel and the urban scenery beyond Ludwig-Erhardt-Street.

Mastering Infos

If you are looking for transparent and punchy Mastering, SoundSupport is the place for you.
I am Michael, Mastering Engineer and owner of SoundSupport Mastering.
Since its formation in 2008 SoundSupport keeps creating lots of thrilled customers.
From Electro thru Pop, Soul and R&B on to classical, all musical styles find their home here.
I dedicate a maximum degree of attention to each track in terms of dynamics, frequency ranges, stereo width and spatial attributes. My tools consist of analog and digital equipment.
You‘re welcome to attend Mastering Sessions or you may upload your tracks via the SoundSupport FTP-server. Feel free to talk about your projects with me.


Prism Sound ADA-8XR

Lavry Gold AD122-96 MX

Artistic Fidelity Acousence

Crane Song Solaris & HEDD-192

Metric Halo LIO-8

Juenger Audio accent2, Digital Dynamics Processor & DA/AD Converter

Apogee Big Ben

Analog Processing:

KNIF SOMA, Mastering Equalizer, Passiv with Tube Gain Stage

KNIF PURE MU, Mastering Tube Compressor

Millennia NSEQ-2, Mastering Equalizer with Forssell Board

Custom built Mastering gear from adt-audio:

MS-Mastering EQ

MS-Mastering Compressor

Mastering Limiter

4-band Shelving-EQ

Stereo Base Tool


Z – TOOLS Dual Boot Computer with Windows and Mac OSX

Studio Monitoring:

amphion Two18

Monitor Control custom built from adt-audio

Digital Processing:

Juenger accent2,  Izotope,  Waves, Sony-Oxford,  PSP,  Voxengo,  SPL, Harrison Consoles


Magix Samplitude Pro X3 Suite,  WaveLab Pro 9,  Pro Tools 11,  Harrison Mixbus.

You can find more detailed info about how to deliver your tracks for mastering in the FAQ section of this page. Nevertheless, I always would recommend a personal conversation prior to starting the mastering process.

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